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Facias and Soffits Manchester

Our Roofline Repair and InstallationApproach

Rooflines are an integral part of your roofing system as they not only make your property look visually appealing but also protect the roof space from moisture or harsh weather conditions. 


Rooflines have various components such as Fascia and these are typically the boards you see running along the bottom edge of your roof until it meets the wall. Proper installation, maintenance and repair of roofline components is key as these play a part in how your home functions and circulates air. Our roofing specialists at Manchester Roofers have over 15 years worth of extensive experience in roofline installation and we have multiple accreditations. Feel free to contact us today via call or text for a free quotation.

Soffits and Fascias Manchester

soffits and fascias manchester


Soffits are the boards that are tucked under the fascia and attach to the wall of your home. Soffits play an important role as they prevent rafter feet from rain and moisture. Rodents and birds can sometimes habitate in your ceiling but soffits prevent entry. Soffits need to be ventilated adequately otherwise condensation will occur in the roof void and timber will start to decay. Manchester Roofers specialists have a wealth of knowledge on roof assessments and which soffit ventilation method is best for your home.

Soffits and Facias manchester


These are boards fixed to the bottom edge of your roof and they can support a good deal of weight without breaking under strain. The main purpose of fascia is to ensure the roof tiles towards the end are properly held in place. Another crucial role is preventing the absorption of water from any exposed rafter ends which leads to rot. Fascia also provide the proper foundation for guttering. For a long time, most fascia designs were made from timber but unplasticized PVC is proving to be a more reliable alternative.

bargeboards manchester


Bargeboards are to some extent fascia boards that are fixed on the diagonal edge of the roof. Unlike Fascia and Soffits, bargeboards might not be crucial structurally but they do protect the timbers from wind or rain. Good bargeboards can be aesthetically pleasing and provide a nice finish to your roof.

Roofline Repairs and Replacements

Over time, wooden boards are likely to start letting in water into the roof and the effects might not be present for months or even years. 

Damaged or worn out rooflines require immediate attention as the structural component of the roof could be compromised. 


If you notice any of these signs you contact a reliable roofing company to get on the root cause of the problem: 


  • Rotting or flaking

  • Peeling Paintwork

  • Rust or watermarks

  • Exposed timber or brickwork

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