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About Our Roof Repair Service

Roofs are an integral part of the house for the shelter and protection against harsh weather conditions, which Manchester is accustomed to. Roofs take a beating from rain, snow, heat or cold and over time they start to wear down. Proper maintenance is therefore key for optimal function but sometimes damages are inevitable and you might need to conduct some repairs or in some cases replacements. This is where Manchester Roofers comes in.


From simple repairs such as a broken tile or large scale projects such as re-roofing, our roofing specialists will save you the hassle of going up a ladder and you can use the time to carry out other important tasks. Manchester Roofers has been providing roofing solutions to Manchester homeowners for over 15 years and we hold certifications from PASMA, CHAS and CIF, so we can carry out any repair on any roof.

Common Roof Repair Problems

Defective Ridges or Hip Tiles

Ridges are essentially tiles that cover the joint where two roof slopes meet to form the edge. A defective ridge can be identified by any missing ridge tiles or a misplaced hip iron which prevents movement of the ridge. If this defect is left unattended, it could lead to a leak that deteriorates the roof timber. A bad storm could cause the tiles to fall and potentially lead to injury.

worn out roof

Worn-out tiles and slates

Sometimes you might find a few tiles that have cracked or slipped especially in homes that have been in existence for many years. The issue could also result from people walking on the roof. Water leaks might not happen immediately, considering newer homes have an underlay that acts as a secondary line of defence. Older homes are likely to miss this underlay but either way, it is important to have the issue resolved. Slipped or broken tiles are fixed easily but damage to the underlay can complicate things and a replacement might be needed depending on the severity.

Dislodged or Missing Tiles

If the majority of the tiles are broken or missing and the roof appears to be sinking. The aspect of re-roofing might come in since water might be leaking into the loft in large amounts and the roofing timber is deteriorating rapidly. This is often the worst-case scenario and occurs in homes that have been in existence for a long time with little to no roof maintenance.

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Why Choose Us For Roofing Repairs?

All the roofing specialists at Manchester Roofers have had multiple experiences successfully solving roofing problems for Commercial Roofing and residential properties. Our approach begins with an assessment of your roof and property as a whole to determine the scope of the problem. Further water damage is prevented and the roofing specialist will walk you through possible solutions. If needed you will be notified of any materials necessary to complete the repairs. Our roofing specialists are keen to ensure minimal disruptions and we will clean any mess afterwards.

For whatever tiles or roofing system you might have, an experienced roofer is on standby to serve you. Contact us today via call or text and we can schedule an assessment visit at a time that is convenient for you.